"Bees and Ants"

Age 3-6 years

TEKS: Form and Function

K9: (A) Identify basic needs of organisms
   (B)Give examples of how organisms depend on each other


* Marshmallows (large)
* Pretzel sticks
* Honey Comb cereal
* Beehive skill sheet
* Ink Pad
* Hole punch
* Crepe paper (black and yellow)
* Construction paper (white, yellow, black)
* Film canisters containing cotton balls- one each soaked with pickle juice, peanut butter, lemon extract and peppermint extract (or other smells that children will recognize).

General supplies:

* glue, scissors, crayons/markers

Resource Materials:

* Books: World of Ants, by Melvin Berger
The Honeybee and the Robber, by Eric Carle
* Songs: The Honeybee Song, by Gayle Howard
The Ants Go Marching One by One, (folk song)



Introduction: Review previous days' activities

Instructor will use questions to review what students' have learned, such as, "Who can name the insects we have talked about so far? What do they have in common?"

Transition into today's activities by guiding the discussion with questions such as, "Today we are going to talk about ants and bees. Who can tell me what these two insects have in common? Do you remember when we talked about mouthparts on Monday? Ants have chewing mouthparts, like the pliers that we picked things up with. They can use those pincher-like chewing mouthparts to pinch you, so you have to be careful when you are observing them. Bees don't use their mouths, but they sure can hurt us. How do they do it? They use a stinger built into their abdomens. Ants and bees are very interesting to observe, but we need to be careful when we are around them, don't we?"

Activity 1: Read: The Honeybee and the Robber

Activity 2: Pheromone activity (smelling activity)

Activity 3: Beehive observation

Activity 4: Waggle dance: Bee communication

Activity 5: Beehive Thumbprint activity

Activity 6: The Honey Bee(song)

By: Gayle Howard (to the tune "Mary had a Little Lamb")

The honeybee goes, buzz, buzz, buzz

Buzz, Buzz, Buzz

Buzz, Buzz, Buzz

The honeybee goes buzz, buzz, buzz

On a summer day…

It's taking pollen to the hive, to the hive, to the hive,

It's taking pollen to the hive,

Not's so far away…

The bee makes honey that is sweet, that is sweet, that is sweet,

The bee makes honey that is sweet,

As sweet as sweet can be…

The bee keeps honey in the hive, in the hive, in the hive

The bee keeps honey in the hive,

And shares a bit with me!

Activity 7: Bee Windsock

Activity 8: Honey of a snack: what bees make with pollen

Activity 9: Read World of Ants

Activity 10: Ant Observation and Collection: Suck-a-Bug

Activity 11: Sing The Ants Go Marching

Activity 12: Marshmallow Ants


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